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Ryacht vip assistance

At Ryacht, we all come to work driven by great passion and dedication for yachting business. My challenge started 15 years ago, when I decided to commit my can-do attitude to the fascinating maritime world. Today I run a competitive and upstart company with devotion and engagement, synonym of flawless care.
At Ryacht Your wish is our command!
Our mission is to provide helpful assistance thanks to extraordinary attention to details and careful touch that enhance to grant excellent and impeccable service.
We believe big challenges led to huge success!
At Ryacht nothing is impossible, our dedication linked to a wide, valuable and international networking system, represents the key to exceed even the most demanding expectations.

We are working to enhance your experience!

Ryacht Agency intends to meet and support customers in every single request.
Our expertise and knowledge encompasses all aspects of Yachting, in which we operate for the last 15 years, including the knowledge of the territory, the application of formal and bureaucratic matters, rules and regulations, embassy assistance, transportation, booking and general assistance.
Our team is equipped with experts –
All working together to provide the highest level of assistance and guidance to captains, crew members and owners.
You will always meet our kindness and helpfulness, this is because we care!
We assure you an excellent service, based on our efficiency and our readiness that we devote to all our clients.
We aim to be your ashore support and make unique your stay in our area.
Once you will try our reliability, efficiency, energy and passion that we passing on our job and in every single aspect of it, you will feel the difference … and it will be hard to let us go …
This is why we follow many of our clients worldwide!

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Via Nicola Fasano, 50 - 80078 - Pozzuoli (NA) - Italy
Email: info@ryachtassistance.it
Tel.: +39 081 303 03 86 - +39 081 526 99 85​
Fax.: +39 081 303 17 34

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