Il Comandante


lL Comandante, which means the Captain in Italian, was the title given to Italian shipowner Achille Lauro, whose historic headquarters were located in the building where the Romeo hotel now stands. The restaurant was once his office, the historical site of Lauro’s naval fleet.

Il Comandante is Romeo hotel’s  gourmet restaurant, awarded a Michelin Star in 2012.

The dinner is characterized by an elaborate cuisine, merging ingredients from the land and sea with cosmopolitan nuances; Chef Bianco’s cuisine aims  to exalt the taste of each carefully selected ingredient and provide a multi-sensory experience.

Everything is wisely accompanied by fascinating gastronomic  rituals and sophisticated service.

  •  Location

    Romeo Hotel

    Via Cristoforo Colombo, 45


  •  Opening Hours

    From 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

    Closed on Tuesdays.

  •  More information

    Dress code: elegant

    The fine, inspired Michelin-starred cuisine by Chef Salvatore Bianco