Lacco Ameno Port


Lacco Ameno Marina is famous for  its large rock – known as the ‘mushroom’ because of its peculiar shape.

The “Fungo”, an ancient tufa rock about 10 meters, erupted from the mouth of Epomeo Mount. It’s located in the middle of the sea on the edge of a cliff.

This is the main symbol of Lacco Ameno.

To the west of the pier “Fungo” has been realized a long quay 107 m ( Heaven’s Quay ) consists of a movable structure mounted on a reef with 12 recreational vessels between 24 and 90 m and is operational from May 1 to October 15.

  •  Location


  •  Coordinates

    40°45′,18 N 13°53′,58 E

  •  VHF

    Channel  69

  •  More information

    Mega Yacht up to 90 meters

    Depth from 3.5 to 7.5 meters

  •  Emergency Numbers

    Ambulance               118

    Fireman                    115

    Police                         113

    E.U.  Emergency      112

More information

Heaven’s Quay offers mooring from May 1 to October 15 in pleasure boats up to 90 m.

Bed: sand, rocks.

The winds: northwest wind, sirocco.

The nearest safe harbor: S. Montano bay

Areas reserved to pleasure crafts


• Mooring assistance
• Newspapers on board
• VHF assistance


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