Porto Turistico di Capri


Porto Turistico di Capri Marina Grande. The port can accommodate yachts up to 66 mt. and draft up to 3.50 mt. The port was built within a natural cove of the island overlooking the magnificent Gulf of Naples, sheltered from winds and high waves. In addition, two artificial docks protect the inside of the port, which is divided into two parts: on the one hand the area reserved for tourist boats and fishing vessels, and the other one dedicated to the passenger port and the commercial area. Capri is a luxuriant, extraordinary, and mild climate Mediterranean island of calcareous origin.

  •  Location

    Capri Island

  •  Coordinates

    40° 33′ 27,62” N 14° 14′ 37,70” E

  •  VHF

    Channel 71

  •  More information

    300 berths up to a lenght over all of 66 meters
    SEA FLOOR Rocky
    Maximum depth 3,50 meters
    Maximum length 66 meters

  •  Emergency Numbers

    Ambulance               118

    Fireman                    115

    Police                         113

    E.U.  Emergency      112


• Reception
• Bathrooms and showers
• Wifi
• Weather reports
• 24 hour security
• Electric cars
• 24 docking assistance with dinghy
• Diver services
• Fueling
• Water
• Electricity
• Crane service


map Porto Turistico di Capri