With an abundance of thermal springs, a legacy of its volcanic origins, Ischia has long been famed as a health resort and now the island’s main attraction is its many spas.

Navigating to Ischia is the first pleasant experience that welcomes the traveler on the island.

The view of the island from the sea is impressive!

The rugged coastline enclosed by blacks lava blocks against which waves the sea … then the beach among the cliffs that penetrating the interior meets the most luxuriant vegetation.

The luxuriant broom, silvery olive trees, vines, pine, mastic, bay leaves all shades of green that make up an enchanting harmony with the azure waves of the Tyrrhenian and light brown of the tuffaceous soil.

Solemn, powerful and superb this is the fair Ischia we see from the sea.

In Ischia, there are many nice beaches that invite the visitor to take a swim. The vast Maronti Beach in the Bay of Barano and the wonderful Citara Beach with its soft sand and the great Poseidon thermal hot springs are the most popular beaches the island offers.

Thanks to the favorableness of the fertile soil, Ischia grows fantastic wines, such as the white wine, Biancolella, and the red wine, Pere ‘e palummo.

A traditional meal on Ischia is “coniglio all’ischitana”, which is a rabbit  prepared with tomato sauce and olives.

And like everywhere else at the Gulf of Naples, you can also get excellent fresh fish.


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